7 Gauge Mobile Machine Table

3600 lbs. Capacity

This mobile version of our heaviest machine table has 4 swivel 6″ x 2″ phenolic casters for ease of movement when the need arises, and wheel brakes to keep it stationary the rest of the time.


  • Top is formed from 3/16″ thick steel
  • Legs are 2″ x 2’ x 1/4″ structural angle iron
  • All welded and ready for immediate use
  • Available as stationary version

Available in the following configurations:

  • Fixed height: 30″ or 36″
  • Adjustable height: Adjustable to 30″ – 37″ high in 1″ increments

Available in the following sizes:

  • 22″ x 30″
  • 28″ x 30″
  • 30″ x 36″
  • 30″ x 48″

Available Options

ModelMobile/StationaryLoad CapacityGallon CapacityShelvesDoorsDrawersNumber of SidesAdjustable/Fixed HeightDrum/Cylinder CapacityHandleDeck HeightDeck SizeInterior HeightSizeShelf ClearanceShelf Size WxLTop Shelf HeightWork Surface HeightWork Surface SizeOpening Size WxHxDOverall HeightLip/FlushFeaturesSurfacesOpeningsCaster TypeWheel DescriptionBrakeShip WeightFreight ClassPrice
MTH2230-6PHBK303600 lbs.30"22"D x 30"W4 Swivel6" PhenolicWheel Brakes133150
MTH2230-6PHBK363600 lbs.36"22"D x 30"W4 Swivel6" PhenolicWheel Brakes139150
MTH22306PHBK-AH3600 lbs.30" - 37"22"D x 30"W4 Swivel6" PhenolicWheel Brakes165150
MTH2830-6PHBK303600 lbs.30"28"D x 30"W4 Swivel6" PhenolicWheel Brakes150150
MTH2830-6PHBK363600 lbs.36"28"D x 30"W4 Swivel6" PhenolicWheel Brakes156150
MTH28306PHBK-AH3600 lbs.30" - 37"28"D x 30"W4 Swivel6" PhenolicWheel Brakes182150
MTH3036-6PHBK303600 lbs.30"30"D x 36"W4 Swivel6" PhenolicWheel Brakes168150
MTH3036-6PHBK363600 lbs.36"30"D x 36"W4 Swivel6" PhenolicWheel Brakes174150
MTH30366PHBK-AH3600 lbs.30" - 37"30"D x 36"W4 Swivel6" PhenolicWheel Brakes200150
MTH3048-6PHBK303600 lbs.30"30"D x 48"W4 Swivel6" PhenolicWheel Brakes197150
MTH3048-6PHBK363600 lbs.36"30"D x 48"W4 Swivel6" PhenolicWheel Brakes203150
MTH30486PHBK-AH3600 lbs.30" - 37"30"D x 48"W4 Swivel6" PhenolicWheel Brakes229150

Additional information


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Load Capacity

Gallon Capacity




Number of Sides

Adjustable/Fixed Height

Drum/Cylinder Capacity


Deck Height

Deck Size

Interior Height


Shelf Clearance

Shelf Size WxL

Top Shelf Height

Work Surface Height

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Work Surface Size

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Opening Size WxHxD

Overall Height





Caster Type

Wheel Description


Ship Weight

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Freight Class