Heavy Duty Deep Lip Wagon Truck

Fifth wheel steering describes a type of steering where the front wheels and axle assembly pivot on a center point, which is referred to as the fifth wheel. Because the steering wheels encounter less friction when turning than would be encountered in a swivel caster, wagon trucks with fifth wheel steering can be easier to maneuver under heavier load conditions.


  • Easier to maneuver with fifth wheel steering
  • T-handle with vinyl hand grips
  • Full 1” diameter axles and roller bearing wheels
  • Structural channel undercarriage for heavier loads and durability
  • 12 gauge, reinforced steel deck

Available Configurations:

  • Deck available with 3″ or 6″ deep retaining lips
  • Your choice of wheels:
    • 12” x 2-1/2” mold-on rubber – 3500 lbs. capacity
    • 16” x 4” pneumatic – 3000 lbs. capacity
    • 12” x 3-1/2” pneumatic – 2000 lbs. capacity

Available Options

ModelMobile/StationaryLoad CapacityGallon CapacityShelvesDoorsNumber of SidesAdjustable/Fixed HeightDrum/Cylinder CapacityHandleDeck HeightDeck SizeInterior HeightSizeShelf ClearanceShelf Size WxLTop Shelf HeightWork Surface HeightWork Surface SizeOpening Size WxHxDOverall HeightLip/FlushFeaturesSurfacesOpeningsCaster TypeWheel DescriptionBrakeShip WeightFreight ClassPrice
CH-2448-X3-12P2000 lbs.24" x 48"3" Retaining Lips12" Pneumatic127100
CH-2448-X3-16P3000 lbs.24" x 48"3" Retaining Lips16" Pneumatic137100
CH-2448-X3-12MR3500 lbs.24" x 48"3" Retaining Lips12" Mold-on Rubber18985
CH-2448-X6-12P2000 lbs.24" x 48"6" Retaining Lips12" Pneumatic143100
CH-2448-X6-16P3000 lbs.24" x 48"6" Retaining Lips16" Pneumatic153100
CH-2448-X6-12MR3500 lbs.24" x 48"6" Retaining Lips12" Mold-on Rubber20585
CH-3060-X3-12P2000 lbs.30" x 60"3" Retaining Lips12" Pneumatic160125
CH-3060-X3-16P3000 lbs.30" x 60"3" Retaining Lips16" Pneumatic170125
CH-3060-X3-12MR3500 lbs.30" x 60"3" Retaining Lips12" Mold-on Rubber22192.5
CH-3060-X6-12P2000 lbs.30" x 60"6" Retaining Lips12" Pneumatic180125
CH-3060-X6-16P3000 lbs.30" x 60"6" Retaining Lips16" Pneumatic190125
CH-3060-X6-12MR3500 lbs.30" x 60"6" Retaining Lips12" Mold-on Rubber24192.5

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Load Capacity

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Gallon Capacity



Number of Sides

Adjustable/Fixed Height

Drum/Cylinder Capacity


Deck Height

Deck Size


Interior Height


Shelf Clearance

Shelf Size WxL

Top Shelf Height

Work Surface Height

Work Surface Size

Opening Size WxHxD

Overall Height






Caster Type

Wheel Description

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Ship Weight

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Freight Class

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