Mobile Bench Cabinets

3600 lbs. Capacity

All-welded, heavy-duty construction. The top work surface is 41″ high and is surrounded by a retaining lip on three sides (except Butcher Block tops).


  • All-welded construction
  • Work surface height: 41”
  • Top work surface has retaining lip on three sides (except butcher block)
  • Center Shelf
  • 6” non-marking polyurethane wheels
  • Two rigid and two swivel casters with floor locks

Available Configurations:

  • Available in four standard work top surfaces:
    • Steel Top
    • 1-3/4″ Butcher Block Top
    • 1/4″ Hardboard over Steel Top
    • Non-slip Vinyl Matting
  • Available with or without pegboard or louvered panel

Other Configurations Available:

Available Options

ModelMobile/StationaryLoad CapacityGallon CapacityShelvesDoorsNumber of SidesAdjustable/Fixed HeightDrum/Cylinder CapacityHandleDeck HeightDeck SizeInterior HeightSizeShelf ClearanceShelf Size WxLTop Shelf HeightWork Surface HeightWork Surface SizeOpening Size WxHxDOverall HeightLip/FlushFeaturesSurfacesOpeningsCaster TypeWheel DescriptionBrakeShip WeightFreight ClassPrice
MB3-2436-FL3600 lbs.Center Shelf41"24"D x 36"WPowder Coated Steel222175
MB3-2436-FL-LP3600 lbs.1 Center Shelf41"24"D x 36"WLouvered PanelPowder Coated Steel240175
MB3-2436-FL-PB3600 lbs.1 Center Shelf41"24"D x 36"WPegboard PanelPowder Coated Steel240175
MB3-2448-FL3600 lbs.Center Shelf41"24"D x 48"WPowder Coated Steel247175
MB3-2448-FL-LP3600 lbs.1 Center Shelf41"24"D x 48"WLouvered PanelPowder Coated Steel270175
MB3-2448-FL-PB3600 lbs.1 Center Shelf41"24"D x 48"WPegboard PanelPowder Coated Steel270175
MH3-2436-FL3600 lbs.Center Shelf41"24"D x 36"W1/4" Hardboard over Steel229175
MH3-2436-FL-LP3600 lbs.1 Center Shelf41"24"D x 36"WLouvered Panel1/4" Hardboard over Steel247125
MH3-2436-FL-PB3600 lbs.1 Center Shelf41"24"D x 36"WPegboard Panel1/4" Hardboard over Steel247125
MH3-2448-FL3600 lbs.Center Shelf41"24"D x 48"W1/4" Hardboard over Steel254175
MH3-2448-FL-LP3600 lbs.1 Center Shelf41"24"D x 48"WLouvered Panel1/4" Hardboard over Steel277175
MH3-2448-FL-PB3600 lbs.1 Center Shelf41"24"D x 48"WPegboard Panel1/4" Hardboard over Steel277175
MJ3-2436-FL3600 lbs.Center Shelf42-3/4"24"D x 36"W1-3/4" Butcher Block260125
MJ3-2436-FL-LP3600 lbs.1 Center Shelf42-3/4"24"D x 36"WLouvered Panel1-3/4" Butcher Block278125
MJ3-2436-FL-PB3600 lbs.1 Center Shelf42-3/4"24"D x 36"WPegboard Panel1-3/4" Butcher Block278125
MJ3-2448-FL3600 lbs.Center Shelf42-3/4"24"D x 48"W1-3/4" Butcher Block297175
MJ3-2448-FL-LP3600 lbs.1 Center Shelf42-3/4"24"D x 48"WLouvered Panel1-3/4" Butcher Block320125
MJ3-2448-FL-PB3600 lbs.1 Center Shelf42-3/4"24"D x 48"WPegboard Panel1-3/4" Butcher Block320125
MM3-2436-FL3600 lbs.Center Shelf41"24"D x 36"WNon-Slip Vinyl Matting226175
MM3-2436-FL-LP3600 lbs.1 Center Shelf41"24"D x 36"WLouvered PanelNon-Slip Vinyl Matting244125
MM3-2436-FL-PB3600 lbs.1 Center Shelf41"24"D x 36"WPegboard PanelNon-Slip Vinyl Matting244125
MM3-2448-FL3600 lbs.Center Shelf41"24"D x 48"WNon-Slip Vinyl Matting251175
MM3-2448-FL-LP3600 lbs.1 Center Shelf41"24"D x 48"WLouvered PanelNon-Slip Vinyl Matting274175
MM3-2448-FL-PB3600 lbs.1 Center Shelf41"24"D x 48"WPegboard PanelNon-Slip Vinyl Matting274175

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Load Capacity

Gallon Capacity




Number of Sides

Adjustable/Fixed Height

Drum/Cylinder Capacity


Deck Height

Deck Size

Interior Height


Shelf Clearance

Shelf Size WxL

Top Shelf Height

Work Surface Height


Work Surface Size


Opening Size WxHxD

Overall Height





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Caster Type

Wheel Description


Ship Weight

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Freight Class