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Double 5th Wheel Steer Tracking Trailer
2000 lbs. Capacity

The pivoting axles of these trailers are connected by a tie rod which turns the front and rear wheels in opposite directions. This design provides agile maneuvering of individual or multiple trailers in narrow aisles and around tight corners. A rear hitch on the four wheel steering trailer allows multiple trailers to track in the path of the lead trailer.

  • 12 gauge steel deck with boxed edges has reinforced understructure.
  • 16" pneumatic wheels with 1" roller bearings.
  • 2-1/2" ID Ring Drawbar with Pin and Clevis Rear Hitch
  • Not intended for speeds above 5 mph.
  • Increased trailer loading or trailer quantity decreases braking capability of tow vehicle

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Model # Deck Size Weight (lbs.)
CT-3660-16P 36" x 60" 251

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