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Wheel Selection Guide

Little Giant Polyurethane WheelPolyurethane Wheels

Load Capacity Range: 300 – 1,000 lbs.
Characteristics: Easier rolling for higher capacities, long-lasting, chemical resistant, non-marking and quiet operation.

High strength polyurethane tread liquid cast and mechanically locked to a polymer or cast metal core. A polyurethane tread is superior for industrial, warehouse and institutional applications with a great combination of easy rolling and maneuverability under heavy load capacity while able to quietly roll over rough floor surfaces.


Mold-On Rubber Wheels

Load Capacity Range: 500 – 600 lbs.
Characteristics: Better load capacity, long lasting, cushion tread, absorbs shock and vibration, floor protection and quiet operation. 

Rubber tread vulcanized to metal core. A good combination of load capacity and cushion tread that easily and quietly rolls over rough floors. A great wheel choice for heavy industrial and warehouse applications.


Little Giant Pneumatic WheelPneumatic Wheels

Load Capacity Range: 300 – 400 lbs.
Characteristics: Great cushion ride over rough floor surfaces, best option for traveling over small obstructions or outdoor applications. Best shock and vibration absorption.

Like an automotive tire, an air-filled rubber tire on a metal hub is able to easily roll over uneven surfaces and bumps but does require air pressure management. Under heavy loads, the pneumatic tire profile will compress, creating greater rolling resistance. Pneumatic wheels are ideal for handling fragile loads over rough surfaces.


Little Giant Phenolic WheelPhenolic Wheels

Load Capacity Range: 900-1,250 lbs.
Characteristics: Best rolling for heavy load capacities, long lasting, chemical resistant, high temperature, non-marking for smooth floor surface. 

 A solid one piece wheel that is high pressure molded with reinforced fiber-filled phenolic resin. A cost-effective wheel best used for high-capacity industrial and warehouse applications. Hard tread wheel offers the least rolling resistance on smooth floors, but does not absorb vibration over rough surfaces.


Little Giant Solid RubberSolid Rubber Wheels

Load Capacity Range: 300-400 lbs.
Characteristics: Good load capacity, great option for rough floor surfaces, puncture-proof, floor protection and quiet operation.

Cushioned rubber tire over plastic hub that is more stable and easier to roll under heavy loads than pneumatic wheels. Sometimes referred to as a semi-pneumatic tire, these wheels are a rugged, maintenance-free (no air pressure to fill and maintain) alternative to pneumatic wheels.


Little Giant Flat Free WheelFlat-Free Hand Truck Wheels

Load Capacity Range: 300 lbs.
Characteristics: All the benefits of a pneumatic wheel without losing air or going flat. This non-marking tire is composed of a dense microcellular polyurethane foam that performs like a pneumatic tire, cushioning the load and rolling over rough surfaces more easily. Upgraded precision ball bearing improves rollability and extends life.