Gas Cylinder Hand Truck

800 lbs. Capacity


  • 1.05” O.D. tubing for strength
  • Nose plate is 8”D x 14”W
  • Overall height: 47”
  • Safety chains for securing cylinder to truck

Available configurations:

  • 10″ Solid rubber, flat-free or pneumatic wheels
  • Continuous, dual, or loop handle style
  • Also available with a patented foot kick for extra leverage on heavy loads when starting. Simply tilt the hand truck back while using your foot to push the base forwards.
    • Standard Footkick: Fixed position
    • Folding Footkick: Folds up and locks out of the way when not in use.

Available Options

ModelMobile/StationaryLoad CapacityGallon CapacityShelvesDoorsNumber of SidesAdjustable/Fixed HeightDrum/Cylinder CapacityHandleDeck HeightDeck SizeInterior HeightSizeShelf ClearanceShelf Size WxLTop Shelf HeightWork Surface HeightWork Surface SizeOpening Size WxHxDOverall HeightLip/FlushFeaturesSurfacesOpeningsCaster TypeWheel DescriptionBrakeShip WeightFreight ClassPrice
TW-40-10800 lbs.Continuous Handle47"10" Solid Rubber36250
TW-40-10FF800 lbs.Continuous Handle47"10" Flat-Free35250
TW-40-10P800 lbs.Continuous Handle47"10" Pneumatic34250
TW-42-10800 lbs.Dual Handle49"10" Solid Rubber36250
TW-42-10FF800 lbs.Dual Handle49"10" Flat-Free35250
TW-42-10P800 lbs.Dual Handle49"10" Pneumatic34250
TWF-40-10800 lbs.Continuous Handle47"Standard Foot Kick10" Solid Rubber38250
TWF-40-10FF800 lbs.Continuous Handle47"Standard Foot Kick10" Flat-Free37250
TWF-40-10P800 lbs.Continuous Handle47"Standard Foot Kick10" Pneumatic36250
TWF-42-10800 lbs.Dual Handle49"Standard Foot Kick10" Solid Rubber38250
TWF-42-10FF800 lbs.Dual Handle49"Standard Foot Kick10" Flat-Free37250
TWF-42-10P800 lbs.Dual Handle49"Standard Foot Kick10" Pneumatic36250
TWFF-40-10800 lbs.Continuous Handle47"Folding Foot Kick10" Solid Rubber40250
TWFF-40-10FF800 lbs.Continuous Handle47"Folding Foot Kick10" Flat-Free39250
TWFF-40-10P800 lbs.Continuous Handle47"Folding Foot Kick10" Pneumatic38250
TWFF-42-10800 lbs.Dual Handle49"Folding Foot Kick10" Solid Rubber40250
TWFF-42-10FF800 lbs.Dual Handle49"Folding Foot Kick10" Flat-Free39250
TWFF-42-10P800 lbs.Dual Handle49"Folding Foot Kick10" Pneumatic38250

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Load Capacity

Gallon Capacity



Number of Sides

Adjustable/Fixed Height

Drum/Cylinder Capacity



Deck Height

Deck Size

Interior Height


Shelf Clearance

Shelf Size WxL

Top Shelf Height

Work Surface Height

Work Surface Size

Opening Size WxHxD

Overall Height







Caster Type

Wheel Description

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Ship Weight

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Freight Class