Heavy-Duty Wagon Truck

Fifth wheel steering describes a type of steering where the front wheels and axle assembly pivot on a center point, which is referred to as the fifth wheel. Because the steering wheels encounter less friction when turning than would be encountered in a swivel caster, wagon trucks with fifth wheel steering can be easier to maneuver under heavier load conditions.


  • Easier to maneuver with fifth wheel steering
  • T-handle with vinyl hand grips
  • Full 1” diameter axles and roller bearing wheels
  • Structural channel undercarriage for heavier loads and durability
  • 12 gauge, reinforced steel deck

Available Configurations:

  • Deck available with flush edges or 1-1/2”
    retaining lips
  • Your choice of wheels:
    • 12” x 2-1/2” mold-on rubber – 3500 lbs. capacity
    • 16” x 4” pneumatic – 3000 lbs. capacity
    • 12” x 3-1/2” pneumatic – 2000 lbs. capacity

Available Options

ModelMobile/StationaryLoad CapacityGallon CapacityShelvesDoorsNumber of SidesAdjustable/Fixed HeightDrum/Cylinder CapacityHandleDeck HeightDeck SizeInterior HeightSizeShelf ClearanceShelf Size WxLTop Shelf HeightWork Surface HeightWork Surface SizeOpening Size WxHxDOverall HeightLip/FlushFeaturesSurfacesOpeningsCaster TypeWheel DescriptionBrakeShip WeightFreight ClassPrice
CH-2448-12P2000 lbs.16-1/2"24" x 48"1-1/2" Retaining Lip12" Pneumatic12392.5
CH-2448-16P3000 lbs.18-1/2"24" x 48"1-1/2" Retaining Lip16" Pneumatic133100
CH-2448-12MR3500 lbs.16-1/2"24" x 48"1-1/2" Retaining Lip12" Mold-on Rubber18570
CH-2448-12P-FSD2000 lbs.16-1/2"24" x 48"Flush Deck12" Pneumatic12392.5
CH-2448-16P-FSD3000 lbs.18-1/2"24" x 48"Flush Deck16" Pneumatic133100
CH2448-12MR-FSD3500 lbs.16-1/2"24" x 48"Flush Deck12" Mold-on Rubber18570
CH-3048-12P2000 lbs.16-1/2"30" x 48"1-1/2" Retaining Lip12" Pneumatic140100
CH-3048-16P3000 lbs.18-1/2"30" x 48"1-1/2" Retaining Lip16" Pneumatic149100
CH-3048-12MR3500 lbs.16-1/2"30" x 48"1-1/2" Retaining Lip12" Mold-on Rubber20185
CH-3048-12P-FSD2000 lbs.16-1/2"30" x 48"Flush Deck12" Pneumatic140100
CH-3048-16P-FSD3000 lbs.18-1/2"30" x 48"Flush Deck16" Pneumatic149100
CH3048-12MR-FSD3500 lbs.16-1/2"30" x 48"Flush Deck12" Mold-on Rubber20185
CH-3060-12P2000 lbs.16-1/2"30" x 60"1-1/2" Retaining Lip12" Pneumatic155100
CH-3060-16P3000 lbs.18-1/2"30" x 60"1-1/2" Retaining Lip16" Pneumatic165125
CH-3060-12MR3500 lbs.16-1/2"30" x 60"1-1/2" Retaining Lip12" Mold-on Rubber21692.5
CH-3060-12P-FSD2000 lbs.16-1/2"30" x 60"Flush Deck12" Pneumatic155100
CH-3060-16P-FSD3000 lbs.18-1/2"30" x 60"Flush Deck16" Pneumatic165125
CH3060-12MR-FSD3500 lbs.16-1/2"30" x 60"Flush Deck12" Mold-on Rubber21692.5
CH-3660-12P2000 lbs.16-1/2"36" x 60"1-1/2" Retaining Lip12" Pneumatic172125
CH-3660-16P3000 lbs.18-1/2"36" x 60"1-1/2" Retaining Lip16" Pneumatic182125
CH-3660-12MR3500 lbs.16-1/2"36" x 60"1-1/2" Retaining Lip12" Mold-on Rubber224100
CH-3660-12P-FSD2000 lbs.16-1/2"36" x 60"Flush Deck12" Pneumatic172125
CH-3660-16P-FSD3000 lbs.18-1/2"36" x 60"Flush Deck16" Pneumatic182125
CH3660-12MR-FSD3500 lbs.16-1/2"36" x 60"Flush Deck12" Mold-on Rubber224100
CH-3672-12P2000 lbs.16-1/2"36" x 72"1-1/2" Retaining Lip12" Pneumatic187125
CH-3672-16P3000 lbs.18-1/2"36" x 72"1-1/2" Retaining Lip16" Pneumatic198125
CH-3672-12MR3500 lbs.16-1/2"36" x 72"1-1/2" Retaining Lip12" Mold-on Rubber251100
CH-3672-12P-FSD2000 lbs.16-1/2"36" x 72"Flush Deck12" Pneumatic187125
CH-3672-16P-FSD3000 lbs.18-1/2"36" x 72"Flush Deck16" Pneumatic198125
CH3672-12MR-FSD3500 lbs.16-1/2"36" x 72"Flush Deck12" Mold-on Rubber251100

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Load Capacity

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Gallon Capacity



Number of Sides

Adjustable/Fixed Height

Drum/Cylinder Capacity


Deck Height


Deck Size

, , , ,

Interior Height


Shelf Clearance

Shelf Size WxL

Top Shelf Height

Work Surface Height

Work Surface Size

Opening Size WxHxD

Overall Height






Caster Type

Wheel Description

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Ship Weight

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Freight Class

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